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Who can be certified according Qualisteelcoat?
2013/5/6 17:31:45 (7771 reads)

Every steel coater has the possibility to have his process and coated end product inspected. In case of approval he can apply for the label. Every wet paint or powder supplier can have his coating system approved if it meets the Qualisteelcoat requirements.

Why would you want to get the Qualisteelcoat label?

Not only because the customer requires the label, but also to position yourself on the market as a quality driven company. Moreover you will be able to distinguish yourself from others who don’t have this label or be on par with those who do. Besides that, Qualisteelcoat is an excellent way to establish a quality control system and to get and/or sustain a higher quality level. Last but not least Qualisteelcoat is recognised as an international label and already familiar to many European countries.

What do you have to do to get the Qualisteelcoat certification?
In short: you have to meet the requirements of the Qualisteelcoat specification. Controllability of your process can be demonstrated, certain tests are carried out by yourself and the end product can pass a number of lab tests. You can apply for the label at the General Licensee in your country. After that there will be a pre-inspection with probably some recommendations for improvements. The next step is the final audit, which also involves test panels that will be taken to the lab for evaluation. After everything is approved, the label is being applied for and you will obtain the certificate.

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